Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pokemon White Version 2 on Sale!!!

So far I have been doing successfully on My Ebay store that I have going on at my ebay store.  Recently I just uploaded Pokemon White Version 2 on my ebay store.

it is package sealed and never been open.  If you want to go for the bid now because its going to be a 1 day auction its won't last.  Also If you don't want to wait for the bid to end you can always buy the game right away!

Good luck on the item and hope one of you gets it!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hellsing 1-10 live bid

 Hellsing is going thru auction and it is live!!!  Get your hands on the complete chapters from one thru ten now before its to late!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fire Emblem The Sarced Stones Ebay Live Bid

Hi Guys,

Otakuplex up live just wanted to tell you that I have a popular game that's up live right now that's lasting now 1hr and 30mins on the clocks on one of my favorite GBA games as a kid and played allot! since then.

Also just like all game boy advance games all of them are region free including this as well, so you'll be able to play it GBA system all over the global were you live.

Right now a live bid is going on NOW!  and everybody is just hungry to put FE Sacred Stones on their collections. So what are you guys waiting for??!  Don't let this opportunity to pass now you only got an hour and counting.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Re-Listing Hellsing 1-10, Now Available

For anyone that's interesting in Vampires and Nazis Killing,  Well I have a book that I have listed on my Ebay Store just for you!  Hellsing Volume 1-10 is now available and will be shipped bulked and send out to anyone in the U.S and International.  Listed as a Fixed priced.  Check it out!  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Shinra Flag

I have an auction I have going on for Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Flag of Shinra Corperation!  That's on Sales right now!!! I had it for a few years and I love when  I had it,  Sadly I had never used it.  But oh well at least a lucky bidder is going have the chance to put into his/her collection along with there collection of Final Fantasy game along with it.  Least it'll be in better hands. :)  

Is still on auction now within the next two days so you better do it soon!   

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Thoughts on Dead or Alive 5

Lately I wanted to get back into Dead or Alive 5 for a while for a while now and since I have no time to do that now,  I have to say that it is on sell on My E-Bay store right now.

Its still a great game, no dough in mind I like this game allot even when I was playing it a lot especially online, Even playing DOA5 for about a month must of the people I played online were really slient and most won't even talk at all.  I remember some of the people that I know spoke up and carried a convention but I swear most of the people of were just trolls and annoying as hell.  I can't believe how most of the people tends to fights real dirty and just don't give you a chance to move, HELL I couldn't even make a punch to this guy when I was playing.  I had few good people that I played was fun to do,  This was so rememberable (laughing) and I can't believe I still remember this well.  I remember that one evening I was playing with this kid online,  I swear he was annoying as he can be I believe he was 13-15 year old or something like that I remember the comment that he made about how Kokoro was this very ugly chick and I'm thinking "no she's not?!"  I told him I think she's a great character I don't see nothing nothing wrong with her.  I only played with 3 times with him after words I was done with him.  I was like I'm sure as hell not with him again. Hahaha.  His opinion was so dumb I just had to laugh,  There was some good and bad into it  But overall for anyone that hasn't played DOA5 should play it for the online play it can be really fun! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ocarina Song Books and Songs of The Legend of Zelda

I haven't made any reviews yet or anything seen I have been busy with tons of stuff tied down with project and test going to do any Asian discoveries from the east.  But however I have posted up song books from the Legend of Zelda and basic instruction on how you can play the ocarina,  Its up on my E-Bay Store

Songs from the Legend of Zelda and Ocarina Songbook 2 for the 5 Hole Ocarina 14 hrs left,  What to learn how to play the songs from the The Legend of Zelda?!  Get it before someone get it!